Pythagoras Cave




Pythagoras cave is in the southern part of the island, at the foot of mount Kerkis, only three kilometers away from the settlement of Marathokampos. It owes its name to the great Greek ancient mathematician Pythagoras, who it is believed to had lived in this cave for  a period of ten years, in order to hide from the tyrant Polycrates. According to another point of view, Pythagoras only used this cave when he need a place to meditate and concentrate on important philosophical issues. Nowadays, visitors can access the cave only up to a certain place.

It is definitely worth a visit to admire as well the magnificent view over the rocky slopes of Kerkis Mountain. To get there, you will have to follow a dirt road of about three kilometers, which starts at Marathokampos. Then you should leave your car and cover a distance of about 200 meters through a rough path , which will lead you straight to the cave entrance.




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