Пляж Терма

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The shoreline at Therma, named after the popular hot springs located there, is adjacent to the city of Agios Kyrikos, sheltered by a leeward bay.  The hot springs emanate from a series of small lakes and lagoons that dot the beach and shoreline, which essentially consist of raw, earthen resources, and is thought to have healing properties. 

The main source for the hot springs is called Loumakia. This amazing, geologic feature of Therma has made it an important health center on the island….for local residents and visitors alike.  After your day at the beach and hot springs, you will find many restaurants and cafes to continue your stay at Therma.           




Пляж Лефкада

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In the village of Lefkada, found in the southeastern part of the Ikaria island, you’ll discover a small, yet beautiful beach….accessed only via a short distance down an unpaved road.  What is unique about Lefkada is the hot water from a local spring that flows to the beach and into the sea.  Like so many of our other featured beaches, Lefkada too is an ideal spot for a quiet, relaxing swim or time on the sand.  The specially-designed facilities around the therapeutic hot springs attract huge crowds annually.  Also, be sure to tour the nearby Monastery of the Annunciation…it is well worth the visit!           





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If you’re in need of some “peace & quiet”, a relaxing swim or a hassle-free time on the beach, then Kyparissi is the ideal place.  This beach is less than a kilometer from the village of Evdilos and accessing the shoreline from the main road is quite easy.  The sandy beach and pristine, clear waters, ever-green landscape and the harmonious sounds of nature complete this amazing mosaic of beauty. 

If you are looking for snack bars, cantinas and umbrellas…you’ve come to the wrong place!  You won’t find any amenities or facilities at Kyparissi Beach, so bring your own bottled water and snacks.  This place is far, far from the popular, touristy spots around the island, but here you can discover hidden treasures of Mother Nature, like the small cave amongst the shoreline rocks.        




Пляж Фарос

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The public-friendly beach at Faros is situated about 11 km from the city of Agios Kyrikos, on the road leading to Therma.  Faros’ most prominent and eye-catching feature is the pier where the fishing boats dock. As the largest beach in the Agios Kyrikos area, Faros and her deep, aqua-green waters attract many people who like to go snorkeling and scuba diving.  It is well-kept year round, and various cafes and bars dot the shoreline. 

If you don’t want to pay a small fee for an umbrella, take advantage of the natural shade provided by the tamarisk trees along the beach.  Here you’ll also have access to beach volleyball nets and other water sports equipment.  After a refreshing swim and your beach activities, take the opportunity to dine at one of the many nearby tavernas, enjoying the unique flavors and dishes of Ikaria.  In addition to traveling to Faros by road, you can also take a boat ride from Agios Kyrikos, where you will take in gorgeous views of adjacent islands Thimena, Fourni and Samos.                  


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Surrounded by a green landscape and natural springs, the shoreline at Livadi is an ever-beautiful place highlighted by its sun-golden sand and crystal-clear waters.  This beach too, can be found near the village of Armenistis, is well-maintained and has the amenities and comforts a tourist or visitor would want and need.  The beach at Livadi also offers campsite facilities for those looking to get in touch with Mother Nature at a deeper level. 

Overnight camping can be a personally rewarding and relaxing experience.  Suitable for scuba diving, snorkeling and other water sports, Livadi Beach will no doubt attract those looking for a little adventure. The area’s best feature is arguably the beautiful and serene lagoon formed at one spot along the beach.          












Пляж Нас

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Among the prettiest shorelines of Ikaria is the ever-popular Nas Beach.  In what can seem like a magical landscape, Nas is located near the village of Armenistis, the point where the river Halaris empties into the sea. This sand and pebble beach is surrounded by lush, green plant life, waterfalls and springs that give it an unusal backdrop and picturesque aura…..altogether nicely complementing the ancient temple (ruins) of the Goddess Artemis, which you’ll see at the far end of the beach.

To take a dip here though, you must first go down a few steps…at the base of which, this magical scene will unfold before your very eyes!  The beach also leads you to the Tour of Ridges; walk down a trail that by far is the most scenic on Ikaria

There is also a spot down here for nude bathing.  After getting some “R & R” at Nas Beach, get a taste of some of the local favors, while taking in the spectacular view of Halari Gorge, at one of the many tavernas that literally overhang the cliffs towering above the gorge below.  Don’t forget to experience the amazing sunset here as well, a sight you won’t soon forget.  Finally, at Nas Beach lodging, facilities and other tourist amenities are available to make your stay comfortable and convenient.                    





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This small beach in the village of Kerame sits on the northern coastline of the island, very close to Evdilo.  Here is the perfect spot for a quiet and peaceful swim….not well-maintained and with no amenities….but the “away from reality” quality it has makes it very attractive to many people!  Just imagine a place with a smooth sand and white pebble beach, crystal-clear waters, plush-green trees that almost touch the shoreline providing a natural canopy of shade and comfort not found anywhere else….well, here it is, Kerame Beach. 

In addition, the rocky seabed is ideal for any spear fishing fans.  Although Kerame is made for those looking to get away from it all, close by you’ll have access to tourist-developed areas and cosmopolitan beaches….just another incentive to check out this little corner of paradise!        




Пляж Кампоса

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In the village of Kampos, at a distance of 41 km from St. Kyrikos and in a semi-secluded, green area is a popular sandy beach.  Kampos beach does offer some tourist amenities such as lounge chairs, umbrellas and a snack bar.  To get there, you must cross an unpaved road, after which the coastline will come into view, as well as the river that flows into the sea, creating a picturesque landscape! 

After an enjoyable and relaxing swim, take a walk into the village, where you can visit the local wine vineyards and try some of their famous sweet and semi-sweet red wines….dine at one of the traditional tavernas, or even pay a visit to the village church, St. Irene.  At Kampos, one will find all the tourist amenities needed for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.      





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Another popular beach, called Mesachti, is alongside Armenisti in the area of Gialiskari.  This beach is easily recognizable by its many small lakes that form the shoreline, the culmination of two rivers merging and emptying into the Aegean Sea.  The golden sands and transparent, shallow waters of Mesachti give you a nice choice for swimming and a family outing. 

Here you can also engage in water sports, especially parasailing and windsurfing due to the consistent winds blowing in the area.  The beach offers use of umbrellas and lounge chairs free of charge, and is well-maintained.  As with Armenistis, the adjacent area of Mesachti has many quaint tavernas, bars and cafes and other tourist amenities and services.       




Пляж Арменистиса

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On the northwest side of the island, at the foothills of where the fishing village of Armenistis lies, is a small beach, hugging the shoreline of a scenic gulf, and surrounded by lush-green vegetation.  The sandy beach, with a smattering of pebbles, has calm waters year round, ideal for a relaxing swim. 

The beach is well-kept and has complimentary lounge chairs and umbrellas.  Combine your day at the beach with a stroll through the village, where you will find many traditional tavernas (offering up delicious, local flavors), shops and other tourist amenities to make your stay a pleasant one.            




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