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General Information

Located in an area which, according to early archaeological research, has been inhabited since Prehistoric times, Kanoni beach accounts for a lot of the tourist activity of Pyrgi and nearby Thermi. It is easy to gather why Kanoni has proved so popular with foreign and local visitors. The water here is clear, a good selection of tourist amenities line the shore and, to top it all off, the beach has been a pole of attraction for the young and the beautiful of the region, giving rise to Kanoni’s development as a must-visit location among the many visitors to Lesvos island.

Kanoni Activities

Set in the architecturally splendid village of Pyrgi Thermis, Kanoni beach has a lot to offer to beachgoers and visitors who are attracted here by the area’s historical significance and supreme natural beauty. If Pyrgi of Thermi is renowned for its namesake attractions (namely, the old, architecturally astonishing mansions built as the summer residences of the wealthy Mytileneans of yesteryear), Kanoni offers the ideal environment in which to while away a hot day by sea or walk along the coast and have a sit-down meal in one of its many shoreline tavernas. While here, it is worth seeking out the old British canon (‘kanoni’) from which the area drew its name.

Kanoni beach is considered one of the best in all Lesvos and has been awarded the status of a Blue Flag beach for many years in a row. The sandy, organized beach includes numerous sun loungers and umbrellas and, overall, it is a lively location where you might ‘see and be seen’ in one of the summer night parties organized by the local beach bar or try your hand at a game of ‘tavli’ (Greek checkers). Visitors who decide to prolong their stay may choose from a wide selection of accommodation choices.

Nearby Attractions

In the wider region, Pyrgi encompasses a selection of tourist amenities such as tavernas, restaurants, rooms-to-let and hotels, some of which offer walking tours to the nearby town of Thermi.

The harbor of Thermi is a short walk away from the area and, a little towards the north, you will encounter Petalidi, another good spot for swimming.

  • Aдрес: Pyrgoi Thermi Lesvos
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