This small beach in the village of Kerame sits on the northern coastline of the island, very close to Evdilo.  Here is the perfect spot for a quiet and peaceful swim….not well-maintained and with no amenities….but the “away from reality” quality it has makes it very attractive to many people!  Just imagine a place with a smooth sand and white pebble beach, crystal-clear waters, plush-green trees that almost touch the shoreline providing a natural canopy of shade and comfort not found anywhere else….well, here it is, Kerame Beach. 

In addition, the rocky seabed is ideal for any spear fishing fans.  Although Kerame is made for those looking to get away from it all, close by you’ll have access to tourist-developed areas and cosmopolitan beaches….just another incentive to check out this little corner of paradise!        




  • Aдрес: Kerame Ikaria
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