Пляж Кервели




Kerveli Beach can be found in a quiet cove, around 8km from the village of Vathi, free from the crowds and hustle-and-bustle of city life…or in this case, even village life!  This pebble-beach has crystal-clear shallow, blue waters.  At the crest of her shoreline is perched a quaint tavern, where you’ll find the freshest seafood delicacies. The beach is not maintained, there are no lounge chairs or umbrellas, however adjoining villages and areas do have accommodations and facilities.       




  • Aдрес: Kerveli Samos
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  • alp yildiz
    alp yildiz 19.06.2015 18:52 Комментировать

    Kerveli ; plaj ,konaklama, ve Grek food olarak cok guzel bir secimdir,Vathiye yakindir, pitagorion'a yakindir, kervelide mutlaka HARAVGI TAVERN 'de Erini'nin nefis mutfaginin tadina varin ,,,Alp :-)

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