What I will see and do around Kontopouli village:

•    Churches Ag. Dimitriou and Ag. Anastasia
•    Dimitriades School
•    Hephaestia and Kavirio (on the outskirts of Kontopouli)
•    The mythical Cave of Philochtedes
•    3 major protected wetland areas
•    Beaches: Neftina, Zematas and Keros

Kontopouli is the 4th largest community on the island where you’ll find old, impressive buildings and churches that still operate today.  In this village, the exile Yannis Ritsos wrote his famous “Kapnismeno Tsoukali”.  Exploring this village during your vacation in Limnos is well worth your effort and time.  In addition to the building architecture, other “must-see” spots are the churches Ag. Dimitriou (built in 1872) and Ag. Anastasia.

The latter has a beautiful, green garden and an underground, holy water fountain.  Also, the renovated Dimitriades School (built in 1925) and the stone water fountain (1927).  The local square is filled with shops, cafes and tavernas where you can try delicious, island-authentic dishes.  Don’t forget to hit the gorgeous beaches and other sight-seeing destinations (see below).       

Other important places to visit while in Kontopouli are the archaeological sites Hephastia and Kaviriou, found just outside town.  There lies the legendary cave of Philochtedes. Experience Mother Nature up close and personal, through the 3 protected wetlands (Limni Aliki, Asprolimni and Chortarolimni), which you can find by going east. 

Bird watching is the favorite wetlands activity among tourists and visitors.  For great swimming and an overall great beach outing, visit beaches Neftina, Zemata and especially Keros, which stretches for some 5 km, features spectacular sand dunes and whose gusts make for favorable windsurfing and other water sports.  Keros Beach is located near the village of Kalliope.  Two other beautiful sandy beaches, located along the northeast coast, are Panagia and Plaka.      




  • Aдрес: Kontopouli, Limnos
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