Кутсунадес с осьминогом и каракатицей




Koutsounades with Octopus or Cuttlefish


Koutsounades, 1 onion, malathro (crustaceans), tomato juice, salt, pepper, octopus or cuttlefish


We start off this dish by cleaning and thoroughly washing the koutsounades, chopping them up into small pieces and adding salt.  Once absorbed well, go ahead and rinse them again.  Stir fry the onion (chopped) and mix with the koutsounades, while adding a pinch of salt, pepper and the malathro.
After we cook the octopus (or whichever mollusk you prefer), chop it up into small pieces and toss them into the pan with the rest of the mixture.  Add the tomato juice, some water and let it come to a slow boil.  When most of the water is absorbed, remove from heat.

Instead of using koutsounades in your dish, a good substitute is spinach which also cooks well with the octopus and cuttlefish.




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