Пляж Плати

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Also close to downtown Myrina, just a couple km away, is the popular beach in the village Plati.  This inviting, sandy shoreline is a favorite with the locals and the tourists not only for its convenient location and easy access, but also due to its smooth and fine golden sand. 

Plati Beach, at almost 1 km in length, is well-maintained and has free-of-charge umbrellas and lounge chairs, a beach bar and is ideal for water sports as well.  A day at this beach can be perfectly combined with other tourist activities such as exploring ancient sites, visiting museums, shopping and dining. 




Пляж Авлона

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On the main road to Kaspaka, in a picturesque bay just a kilometer from the capital city, sits the beach at Avlona…distinguished by her transparent, clear-view waters and simplistic, sheer beauty.  There are no signs of tourism development here, just an ideal place for a relaxing, enjoyable dip in the water or a try at water sports, all amidst a peaceful atmosphere. 

However, at one far end of the beach, you will stumble upon a plush tourist resort, if this is what you’re looking for.  Here you get the best of both worlds.  The bay is dotted with small volcanic islets, creating an unforgettable and breathtaking image of beauty and imagination.  Avlona Beach is also has the perfect conditions for spear fishing.  In the area you’ll also find enough tavernas serving up local, daily-caught seafood as well as other traditional dishes.           




Пляж Котсинас

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Nestled deep in the Gulf of Pournia rests a beach in the village of Kotsinas.  Her shallow waters are ideal for family outings at the beach, as the children can play in the water while the parents can have peace of mind that they won’t be in too deep.  Kotsinas and the Gulf of Pournia area have a great historical significance.  A Limnian mine was further excavated to uncover extraordinary finds….a statue dedicated to the legendary Maroulas and the Church of the Life-Giving Spring. 

After your day at the beach, take some time to explore these amazing sights and get a taste of Limnian history.  Kotsinas Beach is well-kept, and has umbrellas, lounge chairs and a beach bar.  Cap off your day swimming and playing with a visit to one of the seafood tavernas in the nearby harbor.   




Пляж Мирина

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The beach at Myrina, rightly named after the island’s capital, is located along the western coastline and in the heart of the city.  Myrina Beach carries with it an international flair that makes it popular with the locals and visitors alike.  You’ll swim in only pristine, clear waters, surrounded by a deep, sandy beach. 

From here, enjoy the view of a grand, medieval castle that sits atop a hill overlooking the city.  This public beach is well-maintained and partly owes its popularity to its central location….Myrina Beach can be reached by just a few minutes’ walk from anywhere in the downtown area.      





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Found in a quiet and peaceful location, and near the village Kontopouli, the scenic beach Neftina has a long and pretty sandy, white shoreline and deep-blue waters, ideal for a swim far-off from the hustle-and-bustle of everyday life and the cookie-cutter tourist traps you’ll find elsewhere. Neftina is accessed via an unpaved road and only basic maintenance services are kept here, along with a lone cantina that just recently opened its doors. 

The beach sits in a convenient and popular spot, sandwiched between two of the most important sights on the island; the sanctuary temple of Kaveiron and the cave at Filoktiti…..two attractions that need to be on your “must-do” list.           




Турецкий Гьялос

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In the capital city of Myrina, you’ll find 3 local beaches, one of which is called Tourkikos Gialos. Located in the heart of the city’s two ports, it carries a historical name from the Ottoman Period, when the island and region was still under occupation.  Don’t be dismayed by its close proximity to the harbors, this beach has soft, fine sand and the waters are clean and crystal-clear. 

The beach is organized in a tourist-minded fashion and is easily accessible from anywhere in Myrina…just a few minutes’ walk.  After taking a swim, visit one of the several tavernas and restaurants lining the shore and port.  While taking a stroll around the beach, take a moment and admire the small, traditional fishing boats that are docked in the harbor, and finally, the best spectacle from Turkish Shores is the evening sunset…. a small miracle you can’t afford to miss!        





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On the northern end of the island, along a gravel road and at a distance of 4 km from the village of Panagia, lies a gorgeous beach named Zemata that stretches out for 2 kilometers. The fine, smooth sand and aqua-green waters, along with the trees and green landscape will surely grab your attention! 

The beach, which is popular and draws a great number of people, is well-maintained and includes umbrellas, lounge chairs, a beach bar, and a few small tavernas, which are so close to the water you can almost feel the waves lapping your feet.  Zemata Beach (pronounced zeh-may-ta) also has ideal conditions for water sports, providing beachgoers with equipment such as volleyballs and nets.           




Пляж Фанос

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Along the southwestern coastline of Limnos, at a distance of a mere 4 km from the capital city Myrina, lies the beautiful beach of Thanos.  Popular for its picturesque landscape, which includes volcanic rocks, pure white sand and calm, ever-clear waters, Thanos Beach is the perfect place to spend your day.  The beach attracts thousands of tourists, locals and visitors alike each year, and offers complimentary use of umbrellas and lounge chairs. 

Make Thanos Beach your one-stop travel destination; here you’ll find all your needed amenities, such as traditional tavernas and restaurants for a bite to eat, cafes, bars and cantinas, places to stay overnight and a myriad of quaint shops, where you’ll find everything from your customary souvenir refrigerator magnet to homemade jams, wines and cheeses. 




Ромеикос Гьялос

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If you are looking for a nice place to go swimming in the city of Myrina, you don’t need to look further than Romeikos Gialos Beach.  Set against the backdrop of a majestic, medieval castle, the shallow, crystal-clear waters and shade under the umbrellas make Romeikos Gialos Beach a wonderful spot for beachgoers.  The sand is suitable for beachside sports like volleyball and paddle ball, as well as other children’s games. 

After a refreshing and invigorating swim, make some time in your plans to peruse through the old mansions that distinctly decorate the surrounding neighborhoods, and to dine at one of the local tavernas, trying their tantalizing, Limnian dishes.        




Агиос Иоанис Пляж

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Just 6 km from downtown Myrina, in the village of Kaspaka, is the long and far-reaching Agios Ioannis beach, where on the sea cliff stands a little, yet beautiful, church named after St. John.  The front of the church faces the sea, as if it is gazing out onto the big, blue Aegean.  All around you’ll find volcanic rocks, and when meshed with the light, sandy beach and the transparent, clear waters, give the landscape a captivating and attractive effect you won’t find anywhere else. 

The beach is conveniently located right off the main road, making your trip there quite easy.  At Agios Ioannis Beach and in Kaspaka there are plenty of tourist amenities, facilities and services, such as the beach bar, free-of-charge umbrellas and lounge chairs, as well as places to stay overnight and traditional-kitchen tavernas that serve up local and fresh seafood.                




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