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General Information

In the mind of its many (and mostly repeat) visitors, travel to Molyvos is akin to a journey into an idyllic past that unravels before their eyes in a fairytale setting. The Medieval Castle of Molyvos, the town’s beautiful harbor area, its alleys, the amazing old houses and its surrounding green lands populate the imagery brought home by the town’s many visitors and lasting them a lifetime.

Molyvos, "The Other Aegean", is unarguably one of the best-known locations on Lesvos and one of the most developed. A plethora of cafes, restaurants, accommodation providers and a large shopping center are present in the medieval town, which nonetheless preserves its original atmosphere. While well-equipped with tourist amenities, Molyvos remains a superbly picturesque town with a varied architectural appearance and a wholly traditional appeal.

Top Molyvos Attractions:

The Medieval Castle of Molyvos

The settlement is built around the imposing Castle of Molyvos. A walk in its maze of alleyways uncovers a variety of impressive neoclassical mansions, old houses, medieval walls, verandas and gardens, where the locals spend their daily existence and that visitors find so extremely appealing.

In the heart of the town, the Medieval Castle of Molyvos is the most striking feature in the region. The castle was built in 1373 by Francisco Gatelouzo and altered by a series of conquerors (the Romans, Genets and Ottomans), each of whom has left their architectural mark on the castle. Molyvos castle is the second largest on the entire island and one of the best-preserved in the eastern Mediterranean. Climb to the top and enjoy wonderful views to the town and wider area below, take all the photos you can, and lose track of time in the infinite blue of the Aegean extending for miles before you. There is a small entrance fee to the castle (2,00€ full ticket / 1,00 € student concession), which is closed on Mondays. Summer opening times are between 8:00 and 20:00.


The town of Molyvos is dotted with a number of excavation sites and a number of discovered tombs, jewels, ‘kterismata’ (offerings) and coins indicate that the area of Mithymna had already been inhabited in the Pre-Hellenic era. If you are interested in archeology, you will love the various open excavation sites still present in the area. Several ancient wine-presses, walls, tumuli and an aqueduct are in existence and divulge some of the secrets of ancient Mithymna.

Religious Attractions

Molyvos is adorned by a total of 3 post-Byzantine temples. Agios Panteleimon, Agia Kyriaki and Taxiarches (circa 18th century AD) were built on the ruins of former Byzantine churches and are surrounded by tree-lined courtyards.

Dinning, Culture & Entertainment

Molyvos is brimming with restaurants and tavernas and foodies will fall for the island’s traditional recipes. Dishes such as lamb and chickpeas seasoned with cumin, fish cooked in olive oil and drizzled in hot lemon juice, tender salted sardines and stuffed courgette flowers (the list is endless) are reasonably priced and bound to satisfy even the most demanding of palates. To indulge your sweet tooth, a slice of homemade ‘galaktoboureko’ (thick custard cream wrapped up in syrupy filo pastry and dusted with cinnamon) can be purchased in one of the patisseries of Molyvos and happily consumed al fresco.

Molyvos is stunning by night and enjoys a healthy nightlife in summer. An open-air cinema by the entrance to the town shows all box-office flicks of the season. Arm yourself with mosquito repellent and a cool drink, sit back and enjoy a film in one of Greece’s rapidly diminishing open-air cinemas. Small bars and stylish nightclubs breathe life into the streets of Molyvos by night. Those keen on traditional Greek dancing will be able to learn local dances in one of the seminars run by the Dance Company of Molyvos.

Molyvos has long acted as a meeting point for artists and intellectuals and a number of international artists own properties here, besides which, the town has an active cultural life. If you visit here in late season (mid-August to late September), make sure to enjoy at least one musical concert or theatrical performance hosted in the Castle of Molyvos.

Molyvos Beach

Molyvos beach consists in pebbles receding into soft sand and boasts Blue Flag certification, meaning that the sea water here is recognized as among the cleanest in Greece. The beach at Molyvos is well-organized and bathers can enjoy a variety of watersports or lay back and enjoy a great read to the sound of the waves gently breaking against the shore. A variety of tourist facilities such as shops, tavernas, cafes and hotels border the coast.

Molyvos is situated in a truly advantageous location - natural beauty is in abundance in the area, where paths are well-marked and trekking manageable if you’re planning to explore the area on foot. Equip yourself with plenty of sunscreen and a pair of sturdy shoes and choose one of the several possible trekking and hiking routes in the Mithymna region. Maps are available in every entrance to a route and there are small settlements, ruins, trees and so much interesting wildlife waiting to be discovered. Cyclists will be able to hire a bike in one of the several rent-a-bike businesses in Molyvos.

Nearby Attractions

The nearby settlements of Vafeios, Sykamia, Argenos and Lepetymnos boast a traditional charm to be discovered only on Lesvos. If you’re keen to spend a day on one of the prettiest remote beaches on Lesvos, look no further than the nearby Eftalou. It is a tranquil location where the shore is just stunning.

Molyvos is one of the most-visited locations on Lesvos and it is easy to tell why this is so. The variety of tourist facilities, its historical appeal, the astonishing natural setting and the proximity of Molyvos to other areas of interest make it an ideal choice for anyone wishing to explore the beauty and character of northern Lesvos in a setting that guarantees not a dull moment will pass.


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