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General Information

A short drive away from the large village of Polichnitos, Nyfida is a quiet seaside location best-known for its long, sandy beach that has made it popular with local visitors and their families. A small number of accommodation providers line the shore, which is ideal for a walk by the water’s edge and a stop at one of the several seaside cafes and tavernas. The views across the horizon to the shores of Apothika and Kalloni Bay are among the most beautiful this part of the island can offer.

Nyfida Attractions

If you happen in central Lesvos, do set off to explore the small, peaceful resort of Nyfida and spend a day on the beach. Ideally suited to visitors travelling with children, the well-equipped beach is dotted with tamarisk trees, making it ideal for a picnic in the shade, and the numerous cafes and restaurants in the area offer good quality and service. Showers and changing cabins are available free of charge and the shore includes a number of benches where you can seek retreat from the sun and marvel at the views all across the Bay.

The majority of Nyfida residents move to the area in the summer, returning to their permanent homes in nearby Polichnitos in the late autumn season. Blessed with a clean, child-safe beach, magnificent views and a privileged location just a few minutes’ drive from the thriving village of Polichnitos, it is the ideal place to while away a hot summer day or enjoy a leisurely walk in the evening. Whichever way may you decide to spend your visit, you will fall for Nyfida’s family-friendly beach and the several unassuming amenities that have made it so popular with tourists and locals.

Nearby Attractions

While here, do seek out Chalakes with its ruins of a Bronze era settlement and take a walk in Perivola, a green, tranquil location of farm holdings and modest summer cottages.

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