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With the influence of the Neo-Hellenic Enlightenment, amidst the fervor of revolution, the movement that promoted the idea for freedom prepared the foundation for Greece’s rebirth; it was the organization “Society of Friends” that gave people a place to gather and center around.  The Society of Friends was established in 1814, by Nicholas Skoufa, Emmanuel Ksantho and Athansios Tsakalof.  The first few years of activity focused on conspiring against the Ottomans, as their members used cryptic, written messages. 

The organization’s move to Constantinople (1818) however, helped it expand and acquire strong political support, and its central committee included the names of Alexandros Mavrokordatos and Papaflessas.  Clearly, the group played a key role in the Greek’s uprising against the Ottomans, which included convening a conference.  This conference decided to start an armed offensive from Moldavia and Wallachia.  The position of General Commissioner went to Alexandros Ypsilantis, following John Kapodistrias’ declining, who was currently serving as Secretary of Foreign Affairs in Russia.   




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