Psaropoula Ouzo from Loutra of Lesvos
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Ouzo Psaropoula


Giannis Giannakakis
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The Distillery of Ouzo Psaropoula start operating in 2000 with the aim of a new product to market.




Produces ouzo Psaropoula 40% vol and packaged in 50ml, 200ml, 350ml, 700ml, 1lit, 1.5lit, 2lit, 5lit. Also PSAROPOULA 38% vol in 2lit, 5 lit.

The EMFIALOTIKI lines are capacity 1500 bottles per hour and can meet at fairly productive. Our production capability is 11,000 liters per day and EMFIALOTIKI our capability is 12,000 700ml bottles per eight hours . Also a factor of alcoholic drink 38% vol and 30% vol ( cognac ) called APOLLO , packs of 50ml, 200ml, 350ml 700ml, 2lit, 5lit. Our immediate plans are to be placed on the market at least five flavors liqueurs and vodka production . Undergoing final choice flask labellers etc.

About Us :
GIANNAKAKIS JOHN : I am the CEO of the company and the manufacturer of all kind of drink that our company produces and the people who make the distillation. Work professionally since 1980 with this object and say that they have enough experience in beverage manufacturing .

LIGKOS ARGYRIOS The partner of the Cooperative , and dealing with the sales Mytinini

About the ouzo PSAROPOULA .

It's a GREEK and cleaning products and bears the title OYZO MYTILHNHS are DOs .

The recommendation is :
1. aithiliki alcohol of agricultural origin ( the only alcohol for food ) which distilled with glykaniso (basic scents ) and other aromatic herbs that give us the features of ouzo PSAROPOULA .
2.NERO TOUGHENED softening and then follow the procedure opposite osmosis makes water completely free of limescale , chlorine and other ingredients that if bottled would aloiosoun the image of distillation ( perfumes ) and end before mixing from discharge procedures Microorganisms ( vaktirideiakos control) that may escape from the previous stage. So we have water without impact on perfume distillation .

A few words about distillation :
Copper stills filled with aithiliki alcohols, water , glykaniso and other aromatic herbs that determines the flavor aroma thickness and emulsion of ouzo. Boiling, evaporation and liquefaction solvents from the product which comes 80 alcohol content. After dilution with water and filtration .

And the ouzo . Storage in stainless steel tanks for about 20 days to tie the water with the essences and perfumes and finally bottling .

This is, in short the process of ouzo PSAROPOULA is a tactic that has its roots in very old and transmitted from father to son and father to daughter in order . Would like to work with you on the benefits and the two parties.

Our trade policy are partners across the country with uniform pricing and final consumer price as far as dynatou.Ideato for our company would be a nationwide partner who undertook the field SALE AND EXCLUSIVE ouzo Psaropoulou commitments towards any course.

Our position is we do not have many in the chain of production, sales, to protect the final price out of antagonismou.Prosferoume NET value to our partner and give one the right to adjust the price in the way we work we are also open to a new proposal that likely exist.




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