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On the west coast of Samos sits the beautiful beach at Varsamo. Here the pebble-sand is black as coal, and the waters as clear as Tiffany crystal.  To get here, take the Marathokampos – Kallithea road, and then, after taking a slight detour to the left, you will cross another road, unpaved, for another 3 km until you reach the shoreline. 

Once at Varsamo, take a moment to fully grasp the spectacular view of the wide-open Aegean, and the churning waters from the northerly winds.  Here you won’t find any complimentary lounge chairs or umbrellas or any amenities or travel services; for these, you’ll have to visit the nearest village of Kallithea.  However, there is a lone tavern on the beach that offers delicious fresh seafood dishes.      





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This isolated beach is located near Pythagorion, where you’ll have to follow an unpaved, gravel road for 7 km.  This trek can be tiring for some, but the breath-taking and scenic gem that awaits you at the end makes it all worthwhile.  At Tsopela, you’ll surprisingly discover tamarist trees and marram grass, which provide welcomed shade for your swim in the clear waters. 

Pack with you plenty of drinking water and snacks, as you won’t find any amenities and the kind here; remember, this beach is remote and cut-off from the rest of the island.  Tsopela Beach is an ideal spot for those who want to find their own quiet hideaway, and enjoy a swim at their leisure.  In addition to the 7 km dirt road, perhaps a short boat ride in the Aegean Sea might appeal to you.  If so, take advantage of small tour boats that leave from Pythagorion daily for Tsopela.           




Хриси Аммос

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This seashore is also included among the best on the island.  The sun reflects off the beach’s fine sand and creates a truly idyllic and mystical scene.  Chrisi Ammos, some 51 km from the capital city (on the road of Marathokampos – Kallithea), is protected by the Gulf of Marathokampos and has shallow waters.  The beach is sufficiently well-kept and offers umbrellas and lounge chairs as well.  Accommodations, tavernas and a beach bar can be found in the immediate area.  Finally, a few spots along the beach allow for skinny-dipping.        




Пляж Кокари

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At scenic Kokkari Beach, sandwiched between Vathi and Karlovassi, you’ll find one of the most public-friendly beaches, located in Samos’ most well-known tourist resort destination.  This pebble-beach is yet another dream spot for a great swimming experience….again, here you’ll encounter deep and ever-clear waters.  Kokkari Beach is also ideal for windsurfing, as consistent strong winds provide the perfect conditions. 

Your choices for lodging, dining and drinks, with the backdrop of large waves, are plentiful.  The beach is well-kept, fully equipped with facilities and other services, and is easily accessed by car or by the many buses making their way in and out all day.          




Микро Сейтани

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Wrapped between steep rock outcroppings, Mikro Seitani Beach is off the same beaten path as the Megalo Seitani.  As her name suggests, this beach is rather small in comparison, but no less stunning and inviting…perfect for a relaxing dip, working on your tan or just soaking in Mother Nature at her best. 

Take a swim in her deep, crystal-clear water or let the waves gently nudge your feet as you lay out on the sand.  Here you won’t find any signs of civilization….facilities, amenities, cantinas and the like….so plan ahead and bring lots of drinking water and snacks. 




Мегало Сейтани

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Among the better-known beaches of Samos is gorgeous Megalo Seitani, which can be accessed either by foot along a trail some 3.5 km from Karlovassi Potami, or by a tour boat from the harbor at Karlovassi; this option has a distance a bit farther, at 6 km.  This is a sandy and wide beach with crystalline, deep waters set in an ever-green landscape. 

Megalo Seitani is sometimes frequented by clothing-optional enthusiasts, but her main attraction is the monachus-monachus seal, which makes its home here.  This beautiful, peaceful sea animal gives the beach and surrounding area important ecological significance (a National Wildlife Refuge and Park), and is followed and admired by thousands of wildlife supporters and fans each year.  Unfortunately, no facilities or other tourist services are available here.





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The beach at Tsampou is located off the road leading to Karlovassi, about 15 km from the island’s capital, and in the region known as ‘Avlaki’.  The seashore, surrounded by lush vegetation, of white pebbles gives it a unique distinction from the other beaches, when combined with the deep, clear waters and large waves (on a windy day), gives you an experience you won’t soon forget! 

Adequate facilities and services are available at Tsampou Beach.  Like many of the other spots, this beach is also the perfect escape from the everyday ‘rat-race’ of city life.        





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This pebble beach, with her clear and restless waters, sits near the village of Kokkari; just follow the road that leads to Karlovasi and you’ll run into Tsamadou.  From the paved road, follow a small footpath that ends at water’s edge.  The beach’s shoreline is somewhat small, but is well-maintained and furnished with umbrellas, lounge chairs and outdoor showers. 

Tsamadou Beach’s “claim to fame” is that it is the only spot on the island exclusively for nudists.  If you are a follower and an enthusiast of nudist beaches, then this is the ideal place for you.  Also, in the immediate area around Tsamadou, you’ll have access to facilities as well as a kiosk shop.               





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The beach at Mykali is situated on the southeast end of the island, just a few kilometers from the capital, and is an ideal option for anyone not looking to venture too far from the center of things.  It is an expansive, pebble-sand beach with crystal-clear waters, offering enough comforts, including free umbrellas and lounge chairs, as well as water and beachside sports, such as volleyball and paddle ball. 

You can also choose among the many small tavernas and cantinas along the beach; you need not worry about your stay here, as Mykali Beach and the adjacent area offers accommodations and amenities of every kind.    






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Among the most beautiful shorelines of Samos is Potokaki, which can be found near Pythagoras.  Its 3 km stretch of pebble-sand beach invites you to take a swim in the deep-blue waters of the Aegean.  Potokaki Beach is well-maintained and brings with it the guarantee of the Blue Flag, and the surrounding area has developed into a popular tourist destination, with all the amenities to make for a comfortable, need-free stay. 

A variety of water sports is offered, including jet skiing and water bicycling; you can also make use of the many small boats to check out the neighboring coastline.  Located next to the island’s lone airport, Potokaki also offers beachgoers a bird’s eye view of the airplanes flying in and out. 

Given its size, location and beauty, this beach stands out among the rest, as displayed by the thousands of tourists who flock here every summer.  One can access Potokaki Beach from many different points around the island, and if you go by car, you’ll have no problem finding parking.    




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