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Seashell Art Works and Seashell Paintings from Lesvos Island in Greece Выделенное
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If you are seeking something unique to provide your space with a distinctive identity, the handmade seashell creations and art works of Lesvos artist Giorgos Hantzinikolaou are exactly what you require.

Decorate your living space with sea hues and the aura of an island by selecting a 3-D painting, a vase, a crucifix, a mirror, or any other object lovingly crafted by this charismatic creator.

Having worthily earned his reputation as a genuine folklore artist, Giorgos Hantzinikolaou creates artefacts which are graced with verification as Greek Handmade Creations and are promoted by The Greek Organisation of Small and Mid-Range Businesses and Crafts, whose trademark they also bear.

This latter establishment encompasses a variety of Greek artists and craftsmen and its trademark is present upon all of the artist’s creations - thus certifying their significant functional and aesthetic value and also their genuine Greek origin. His sources of inspiration range from the Greek tradition and religion to his own personal experiences, as witnessed by the painting that depicts the artist’s grandfather.

Seashells constitute the raw material for Giorgos Hantzinikolaou’s creations and breathe life into his work. They are imported from countries in the Indian Ocean and made into art in the most creative way possible. Like any other object handcrafted by the artist, a 3-D seashell painting may find a special place in your home and thereby lend it a little of the magic of the sea world.

The prices of the seashell art work and the seashell paintings vary from 20 euros till even 10.000 euros.

We are also available to create for you seashell art work according to your demand and order!

Apart from working on his special creations, Giorgos Hantzinikolaou is also active in the field of dinning, to which he has transferred his unique artistic aesthetic. His country restaurant is located in the green area of Xabelia, a 20-kilometre distance from Mytilene. It is a family-run business that encompasses all of its owners’ love and hard work to provide the best and most qualitative service.

The fresh fish dishes and tasty handmade treats on offer here are ideally combined with the magical views of Xabelia’s sandy beach. Take a dip in its emerald green waters and enjoy the comfort of the exotic parasols and beach recliners offered on the beach for free and supplied by Mr Hantzinikolaou himself.

This space makes up the ideal setting for any kind of event because of both its picturesque location and layout. In addition, the restaurant boasts a spacious parking lot. Giorgos Hantzinikolaou’s country restaurant will offer you a unique culinary experience in the setting of the luscious green landscape and with the Turkish coast as your view.

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