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Spilia, Kardamila
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In Kardamyla of Chios, in an idyllic corner at the highest point of the village, you will find the traditional guesthouse "Spilia".

Walking up the path from the village square, you will reach this stone world, which warmly welcomes you and offers four beautiful lodges, with a total capacity of 12 persons, ideal to accommodate your dream vacation.

The "Spilia" lodging was created on the ruins of the settlement of Upper Kardamyla in a magnificent location, surrounded by high mountains and with the plains of Kardamyla in front of them. Spilia is an ideal place of harmony and relaxation due to their location at the top of the village, with your gaze disappearing into the endless blue of the Aegean.

Passing through the door of the hostel, you will feel like you are transported inside a medieval castle. The combination of stone that is dominant,  the wooden floor and the aura of a bygone era, will bemuse you with medieval memories and offer an unforgettable stay. Keeping intact the simplicity and uniqueness of the architecture of past centuries,"Spilia" is the most beautiful place to escape to from everyday life and the best choice for a carefree holiday on the island of Chios.

Select the house that suits you, all with their own unique beauty and enjoy your stay to the fullest in the magical world of the stone guesthouse "Spilia".. None is identical to the other, as one of the things that sets "Spilia" apart is their uniqueness. Specifically, the hostel includes:

  • A one-room house, for 2 people, with a built in double bed and all those little touches that make for a romantic setting.
  • 2 houses with 2 rooms, connected by a wooden staircase, perfect for 3 guests. One with 2 single beds in the loft and a sofa on the ground floor and the other a double bed in the loft and a sofa downstairs.
  • A seperate house with 3 rooms with a double bed and a sofa on the first floor and a built in sofa on the ground floor, suitable for families.

All lodges are fully equipped with a kitchen and all the comforts for a pleasant stay throughout the year, with prices starting at 45 euros. In three of them you will find a beautiful stone fireplace, while all of them generously offer a wonderful view of the green valley and the blue Aegean.

The guesthouse "Spilia" is the ideal place to get in touch with nature and the traditional village lifestyle. Here you can visit some of the traditional corrals of the area, or meet the family's livestock,the goat and piglets, the chicken and Tasos the goose and his friends and in farming season, the hostess' silkworms.

Try the traditional breakfast prepared by Mrs Kyriaki and her desserts, made from the purest ingredients directly from the nature of Chios. Ask and talk about the uniqueness of the local cuisine, discover the nature, go search for greens with the hostess and learn their traditional names. Dream of pure Greek flavors and come try them, eggs from chickens who are not hastened to lay them, milk from our goat, or at least the excess from the baby goat, all part of a delicious, truly homemade breakfast, in the preparation of which your participation is welcome.

Beyond the cozy and inviting atmosphere, "Spilia" also offers you a tour of the surrounding areas. They offer instructions on paths and hiking trails, where one can trace the past according to their interests or  enjoy memorable moments  in the canyon of Kabia, climbing on the hill of Gria and going up the sage stream through the river of Rina. Here you will have the opportunity to experience some of the unique parts of the North Eastern side of the island which "gave birth" to the mastic tree. If you're lucky,

  • you may be there during the period of  arranged concerts in the village, which you will enjoy in the moonlight as it is magically reflected on the mountain tops that surround the hotel.
  • Plan your holiday so that it may coincide with one of the beautiful traditional local festivals. It is a real gift to combine your holiday with a visit to one of the street fairs of Agios Isidoros in Pitious with its horse racing, of Agia Kyriaki in Amades, Agios Pantelimonas in Kambia, the Virgin Mary's on the 15th of August, Agios Giannis or Despina in Viki, Prophet Ilias in Spartounda and so many more.

In this special place, where the traditional medieval aura that overwhelms the senses and the unique view compose a mystic environment, you will find the perfect place to house every special moment of your vacation. The guesthouse “Spilia" awaits you, in the privileged spot where it stands, to bestow some of its magical aura, while providing the most modern amenities.

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