Top Beaches to Go Swimming in the North Eastern Aegean Islands


• The Mavra Volia of Chios, with its idyllic waters and black, volcanic pebbles
• The exotic Seychelles of Ikaria
• Vatera Beach and her 9 km of sandy shoreline and the serene beach at Tarti
• Kambi of Fourni, with its picturesque inlets and estuaries
• Lazaretta Beach on Psara, which offers free camping
• The secluded cove at Fourkerou, on Inousses
• Gomati of Limnos, alongside the sand dunes
• The famous and popular Potokaki of Samos
• The Keramidou of Thimena, under the magnificent shade of high tide
• The remote beaches around Agios Efstratios, accessible only by boat           


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