Top reasons that You Should visit the North Eastern Aegean Islands


• See the crossroads between East and West, a place that brought about important historical figures and events and acted as a hub for culture, including the arts and sciences.  
• Become familiar with and experience the long-standing cultural and religious traditions, manners and customs of the locals, see the ancient temples and monuments.
• Relive seafaring and mythical memories of Greece’s past, in places where history and tradition seamlessly blend with mythology.
• Feel the balmy and peaceful aura of calm bays, captivating shoreline, raw volcanic landscape, all surrounded by lush greenery.
• Escape the mundane, daily routine of life back home and enjoy a quality vacation with a flair of tradition.
• Immerse yourself into the uniqueness of the Aegean colors, tastes and sounds…all carrying the aromas of the Eastern world.     



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