Top things to See in Chios

•    The monastery at Nea Moni is one of the most significant monuments in Greece and Asia Minor
•    The tourist-revered caves and caverns at Olympi, near the castle-villages of Olympi and Ag. Galas
•    The Rock of Daskalopetra, near Omiroupoli
•    The museums that splendidly tell the stories of the land:
      - archeological museum, south of the harbor
      - Byzantine museum, which is housed in an old Ottoman mosque, located in the central    
        square called Vounakiou
      - Palace of Ioustiniani, a remnant of the Genoese domination, next to the south  
        entrance/gate of the castle of Chios
      - maritime museum, found in the city’s downtown area
      - folklore museum “Kallimatsias”, located in the same-named village

•   The castles that give Chios her identity and set her apart from the rest:

     - Castle Chiou, along the northern coast of the island
     - Castle Volissou, found in the same-named village
     - Castle Apolichnon, near Armolia
     - Castle of Grias, near Kardamila
     - Castle Orias-Kampion, near Kampion 

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