This isolated beach is located near Pythagorion, where you’ll have to follow an unpaved, gravel road for 7 km.  This trek can be tiring for some, but the breath-taking and scenic gem that awaits you at the end makes it all worthwhile.  At Tsopela, you’ll surprisingly discover tamarist trees and marram grass, which provide welcomed shade for your swim in the clear waters. 

Pack with you plenty of drinking water and snacks, as you won’t find any amenities and the kind here; remember, this beach is remote and cut-off from the rest of the island.  Tsopela Beach is an ideal spot for those who want to find their own quiet hideaway, and enjoy a swim at their leisure.  In addition to the 7 km dirt road, perhaps a short boat ride in the Aegean Sea might appeal to you.  If so, take advantage of small tour boats that leave from Pythagorion daily for Tsopela.           




  • Aдрес: Tsopela Samos
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