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Beach Street Festival at Vatera in Lesvos

This summer Beach Street Festival is taking place between the 25th and 28th of July, at Vatera  beach in Lesbos. It is an independent music and graffiti festival with international appearances which combines modern urban arts, the infamous Greek summer and local tradition!

The Idea

“Beach Street Festival” as a concept was born when presented with the artistic works of Local folk painter Theofilos Hatzimihail. The festival aims at creating graffiti murals that will highlight the connection but also the transition of Theofilos’ folklore murals to graffiti as art.


“Beach street Festival” has set a rather ambitious goal. We want to create a new, artistic, summer destination for artists and youth from around the globe. An art fest, a cultural as well as economic aid for Lesvos and the rest of Greece: Summer, music, modern arts, tradition, smiles and good mood to name a few!

Artistic events

-          Concerts and DJ sets

-          Graffiti

-          Muppet and Shadow theatre

-          Video- art

-          Installations

-          Film screening

-          Workshops- Graffiti seminars and biking seminars for adolescents and children

-          Beach Volley tournament


About Vatera

Vatera is one of the largest (8km) and most beautiful seaside areas in the Mediterranean area, having a sandy beach with strips of colourful pebbles. It’s located approx. 50km from the capital of the island,  Mytilini. The broader area of Vatera is known for it’s natural beauty and its  rich geological environment and it’s proximity to the warmest thermal waters of Europe in Polihnitos.


Visitors as well as artists of the festival are given the opportunity to camp for free in a designated area provided by Hotel Eirini, which offers drinking water, toilets, showers and also a restaurant with special prices. Moreover, you are provided with the option to choose amongst hotels and room to let within the broader area that are collaborating with  Beach Street Festival .



Entrance to the festival is completely FREE. However, if you’d like to take advantage of the promotional prices for drinks, accommodation and food you’ll have to have the festivals’ special bracelet. You can get the bracelet for free here:


Reaching Lesvos

The island has both a port and an airport and is thus connected to the mainland via see and air. From Athens both ship and plane services run every day. Thessaloniki, Chios, Kavala, Samos, Limnos and Ikaria have scheduled ship services twice a week whilst flights operate to and from Rhodes and Crete. During summertime services are usually more often. Flights also operate directly to and from Mytilini and several European countries. More info is provided on the website of the festival.

Getting to Vatera

Local buses operate daily to and from Vatera and the centre  of Lesvos, Mytilini. More information can be found on this website : or call + 30 22510 28873







Location Vatera

How to arrive

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