Travel Guide for Samos Island in Greece


The island of Samos is located in the northeastern Aegean Sea, between the island of Ikaria and the shores of Asia Minor. It is the eight largest among the Greek islands; covers a total area of 476 square kilometers and has a population of 33.814 residents (according to census of 2001). It belongs to the prefecture of Samos together with Ikaria and Fourni. Capital town and main port of Samos is Vathi (Samos) with a population that reaches 6.275 residents.

Samos is known since antiquity as the island of goddess Hera and home of the great mathematician Pythagoras, the philosopher Epicurus and astronomer Aristarchus who introduced the heliocentric theory. During the centuries, Samos has taken many different names, some of which are Anthemis, Melamphyllos, Kyparissia and Dryoussa. It is believed that the island’s current name comes from the Semitic word “sama” that means tall (because of the many mountains existing on the island).

The surface of Samos is mountainous with many peaks and few valleys. At the northern side rises the green mount of Ampelos and at its western you will find the rocky mountain Kerkis, with its highest peak up to 1433 meters. The largest valleys of the island are the well-known Mesokampos, located southeast, the valley of Vlamaris, which is near the capital town of Vathi and areas near Karlovasi and Chora.

Samos is famous for its lush vegetation, springs and rare species of animals and birds that find refuge in its wilderness. The climate of the island is temperate Mediterranean with mild winters, hot summers and plenty of sunshine all around the year. Its inhabitants are mainly engaged in fishing, forestry, tourism, agriculture and live stock and the main products produced in Samos are wine, olive oil and tobacco.

Pure white pebble beaches with turquoise waters surround the green island. Its rich vegetation reaches the sea, offering a cool retreat on hot summer days. Endless sandy beaches and sheltered coves are waiting for you to discover and enjoy them as you relax by the sea.

The green island of Samos, with its waterfalls, its remarkable habitats and endless vineyards, is ideal for those who love nature and exploring. Also, because of its long history, Samos is filled with important archaeological monuments, imposing monasteries and picturesque villages.

Take a tour on the island and let it seduce you with its beauty, the hospitality of the residents and the sweet wine.



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