Chrisi Ammos

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This seashore is also included among the best on the island. The sun reflects off the beach’s fine sand and creates a truly idyllic and mystical scene. Chrisi Ammos, some 51 km from the capital city (on the road of…


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On the west coast of Samos sits the beautiful beach at Varsamo. Here the pebble-sand is black as coal, and the waters as clear as Tiffany crystal. To get here, take the Marathokampos – Kallithea road, and then, after taking…


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This pebble beach, with her clear and restless waters, sits near the village of Kokkari; just follow the road that leads to Karlovasi and you’ll run into Tsamadou. From the paved road, follow a small footpath that ends at water’s…


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The beach at Tsampou is located off the road leading to Karlovassi, about 15 km from the island’s capital, and in the region known as ‘Avlaki’. The seashore, surrounded by lush vegetation, of white pebbles gives it a unique distinction…

Kokkari beach

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At scenic Kokkari Beach, sandwiched between Vathi and Karlovassi, you’ll find one of the most public-friendly beaches, located in Samos’ most well-known tourist resort destination. This pebble-beach is yet another dream spot for a great swimming experience….again, here you’ll encounter…

Ireon beach

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Ireon village is an important archeological site on the island of Samos, and at the same time boasts one of the prettiest beaches (some 400 meters in length) around. This pebble-beach is located some 8 km west of Pythagoras, nicely…

Pythagorion beach

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You will find the Pythagorion beach (Remataki) next to the historic, archeological site, of Pythagoras statue, one can find an appealing little beach, about 13 km from the island’s capital. This sandy-gravel beach sits alongside Lake Pythagoras. The wharf, at…


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Among the most beautiful shorelines of Samos is Potokaki, which can be found near Pythagoras. Its 3 km stretch of pebble-sand beach invites you to take a swim in the deep-blue waters of the Aegean. Potokaki Beach is well-maintained and…


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This isolated beach is located near Pythagorion, where you’ll have to follow an unpaved, gravel road for 7 km. This trek can be tiring for some, but the breath-taking and scenic gem that awaits you at the end makes it…
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