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Pagondas is built at an altitude of 180 meters on mount Bournia and is twelve kilometers away from Pythagorion. Formerly called Krimizikioi, it took its current name after a settlement of Euboea, from where Pagondas ’s first settlers came.Pagondas is…


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Spatharei is a village built in an overgrown area full of olive trees and vineyards, not far away from Pagondas village, and offers the visitor the opportunity to admire the great view to the islands of Cyclades. The village has…


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Platanos is a picturesque village that dates back to the 17th century, climbed up on a mountain, in an overgrown area filled with vineyards and plane trees, only ten kilometers away from Karlovasi. The settlement has been named after the…


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Konteika, is a settlement literally hidden among vineyards, olive trees and green pine trees, only seven kilometers away from Karlovasi. It is named after the first settler of the area, whose name was Kontos and had moved there from the…

Chora village

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Chora, is a traditional village, of 1.448 residents, located three kilometers away from the Pythagorion. It used to be the capital town of the island, until the middle of the 19th century. It is the birthplace of the Patriarchs of…

Mytilinii village

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The village of Mytilinii is located in a green valley, only ten kilometers away from Vathi. It has taken its name after the first settlers who came here from Mytilene, the capital town of Lesvos. The cobblestone streets, the enchanting…

Pyrgos village

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In an overgrown area, full of olive trees and vineyards, between the rivers of Amfilyssos and Imvrysos, stands the village of Pyrgos. It is located in the center of the island and surrounded by green mountains. The village has been…


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The town of Marathokampos, is built up on mount Fteria, 42 kilometers away from the town of Samos and has a wonderful view of the homonymous bay of Marathokmpos and the Dodecanese. It owes its name to the fennel (“Maratha”…


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The village of Kallithea, known for the wonderful sunset views of the North Aegean, is located on the western side of the island. Formerly the settlement was known as Prinias, a name owed to the many oaks existing oaks (“prinos”…
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