Skala Kalloni beach




The lively and popular beach at Skala Kalloni lies along the northern coastline of its namesake Gulf, stealing with it some of her beauty.  Bury your feet in the soft sand and take a dip in the deep waters of this expansive beach…one that is well-kept and offers free umbrellas and lounge chairs.  If its water sports you’re looking for, then this is your place! Summer beach volleyball tournaments take place each year, as well as swimming competitions. 

The local pelicans that roam around the beach will surely catch your attention and add a tone of “joie de vivre” to your day!  You won’t have a problem finding accommodations and amenities whatsoever….Skala Kalloni offers a wide variety of tourist services.  Finally, you absolutely cannot leave without trying the, flavorful and local, fresh sardines that are caught there daily.        




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