Stavros - Richly Green Village by Vatera Beach


Located a mere 6 kilometers from the seaside resort of Vatera, Stavros is the smallest settlement in southern Lesvos. The river Vourkos traverses the village, dividing it in Ano (Upper) and Kato (Lower) Stavros.

Stavros is situated in a privileged location close to the shore and blessed by its immediate proximity to the river. The river Vourkos courses through the valley, transforming the land between Ambeliko and Stavros into a haven of olive groves, plane trees and marshes. The green, fertile area is a wonderful habitat for migratory birds. Birdwatchers coming to the area will admire the many species of bird in the marshlands and take pleasure in the magnificent mountain views.

The village’s permanent residents are occupied in agriculture and farming, generating a variety of regionally renowned products such as olives (known locally as ‘roupades’) and olive-oil, dairy, vegetables and mushrooms. The village population of 87 becomes enhanced by the summer return of Stavrians who went to seek their fortune in Athens or abroad.

There are three churches in Stavros: Agios Bartholomaeos (Saint Bartholomew), Agia Paraskevi and Agios Therapon. Agia Paraskevi was completely burnt down in 2003 and has been recently built anew. The renovated temple is considered the jewel of Stavros and it is worth making the trip to admire the new Agia Paraskevi and light a candle in honor of the Saint.

A number of small traditional cafes are set in the streets of Stavros village.

There are several walking trails joining Stavros with the gorges of Agia Faneromeni and Agia Marina and the vista at Profitis Elias. At the end of the dirt-track from the main village towards the coast, Stavros beach is a tranquil location planted with pines.




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