Stipsi - Village famous for its Traditional Weddings

The village of Stipsi is located at a 52-kilometer distance from Mytilene. Built on the western side of Mount Lepetymnos, Stipsi is an extremely picturesque location with numerous tavernas and cafes.

Stipsi was brimming with life in the decades before the 1960s, when many of its residents emigrated to Australia and the United States. Nowadays, the residents of Stipsi are engaged mainly in olive-oil production and farming. They are characterized by their enjoyment of life, hospitality and love of tradition, which is upheld in the village’s many celebrations and festivals.

Come here in late August and attend the nine-day festival in honor of the Virgin Mary, an event that starts on 23rd August and traditionally involves music, dancing, and the preparation and consumption of ‘kiskek’, a dish of beef, lamb’s meat and wheat.

Stipsi is famed for its preservation of the traditional wedding rite and, should the occasion arise, it is worth coming here merely to observe the practices linked to the ceremony. It is a joyous event that unravels to the sound of traditional music – an orchestra collects the bride and groom from their homes and accompanies them on their walk to the church, filling the village streets with the sound of joyful traditional tunes.

Two beautiful churches, the church of Agia Paraskevi and of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary, adorn the village.

If you’re eager to taste local products and buy memorabilia of the island to bring home with you, look no further than the village’s market area. Pasta, preserves, confectionary and some wonderful pieces of embroidery are locally made and are available to admire and purchase in Stipsi.




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