Sykamia - Birthplace of Greek Writer Stratis Myrivilis

A steep cliff, flowing brooks, ancient rocks and a snaking road divide the distance between Lepetymnos and the village of Sykamia (also Sykamnea or Skamnia).

Sykamia is built amphitheatrically at the foot of Lepetymnos Mount. It is a listed traditional settlement boasting an array of ‘kalderimia’ (narrow cobbled streets), stone-built houses and imposing neoclassical mansions. While unspoilt by development, Sykamia includes a number of tourist amenities. Its restaurants, cafes and hotels make it hospitable to visitors seeking to enjoy the peaceful palette of sea and mountain views and savor the atmosphere in the village.

Sykamia has a well-organized market area where you can stock with essentials, taste local products and choose from a variety of handmade memorabilia and gifts to bring home to your loved ones.

The house of Greek writer Stratis Myrivilis is still present in the area and operates as a museum. Another museum dedicated to Myrivilis has been set up in the premises of the secondary school and you are invited to come here and dwell into the life of this major Greek writer.

The main church of the village dates from 1859. It is a beautiful basilica dedicated to Saint Fotini. The chapel of Saint Constantine is located on the route from Sykamia towards Molyvos. It is a small temple with an enchanting cool courtyard - the perfect retreat to spend a few quiet moments of idling in the shade and listening to the lulling sound of the temple’s own trickling spring.

Take a walk around the village streets and head towards the sea. At a 3 km distance, you will encounter the area of Skala Sykamias with its highly picturesque harbor and temple of the Panagia Gorgona (The Virgin Mary the Mermaid).




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