Thimena History

From a historical point of view, Thimena has trooped with Fourni and due to its strategic geographical location, has also been passage and port of naval fleets during the troubled years.

According to its historic tradition, its current name emerged after the general census in 1940. Until then, it was called Fimena. From an archaeological point of view, there are not any important findings in the area, apart from some building remains, such as bricks and tiles. Those were revealed in Ai Nikolaki region, during an excavation in order to found the contemporary church in the very same location that the previous one used to be, as it is mentioned on scripts that date back in 1863, found in Patmos.

Although, even if the archaeologists haven’t found any evidence for the place, it is not without history, since it has always been following the others’ Aegean islands course and played its part in the historical map of the Aegean Sea.

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