Agios Kirikos

Agios Kirikos, the principle town and main Port of Ikaria Island, is built amphitheatrically on the hillside that is formed over the beautiful harbor. It is located in the southeastern part of the island and has about 1879 residents.

Take a tour through the narrow streets of Agios Kirikos, among its two- storey picturesque houses and the old neoclassical buildings, which nowadays house the public services. North and west of the city, stretch the old neighborhoods of the principle town, consisted of houses built in the middle of the 18th century. Around the picturesque central square there are many traditional cafes and small shops, and is the liveliest place in Agios Kirikos. There you can also find the marble monument dedicated to the Heroes of Ikaria, overlooking the beautiful islands of Fourni. Not far away from the central square of Agios Kirikos, next to the neoclassical building that houses the police, you can find the famous saline hot springs of Asclepius. Those thermal springs are suitable for treating many diseases. The story of Ikarus unfolds in front of the eyes of the visitors as they watch “Ikariada”, the metal sculpture that stands in the picturesque harbor of the principal town of Agios Kirikos.

The churches of Saint Nicholas with the wooden temple that dates back in the 19th century and the metropolitan temple of Saint Demetrius are the gems of Agios Kirikos. Locals say that during pirates’ attacks, the residents of the region used the secret underground hatch existing underneath Saint Demetrius‘s church as a refuge. It is also said that the arcade beneath the trapdoor leads to a small cave.  In the center of the town, you will also find the small chapel of Saint Kirikos and Iouliti, which is built by two seamen who used to travel to Asia Minor.

It is worth visiting the Archaeological and Folklore-Historical Museum of Agios Kirikos, which is installed in a neoclassical building in the center of the town and jouses many important archaeological and folklore exhibits.

The principle town is the center of commercial as well as touristic traffic. Traditional taverns and restaurants wait for you to enjoy the local specialties to the accompaniment of the famous local wine. At night, the streets are full of young people who come here to enjoy a drink in the numerous bars. Moreover, in Agios Kirikos you will find many hotel accommodations to choose among and enjoy a comfortable stay.

Only a little outside Agios Kirikos, near the settlement of Christos, you will meet the famous monastery of Zodochos Pigi where it is north noticing the remarkable wall paintings and the Holy Gospel, which dates back in 1872. It is worth driving a little further, up to the picturesque village of Gladero, where excavations have brought to light a remarkable Neolithic settlement at Palioperivolo location. The beautiful chapel of Prophet Elijah that stands on the top of the hill, provides the visitor with great view. Underneath this small chapel, the cave of Protaris is located. 

Moreover, close to Agios Kirikos, are located the beautiful beaches of Moustafa, Prionia, as well as the cosmopolitan beach of Tsoukalas.  In case you are visiting Ikaria with your car, or if you have rented one, you can drive a distance of about 5 to 10 kilometers from the principle town of the island, in order to get to the beaches of Anefanti, Bay of Nyfi, or Glyfadi and Kerame, and enjoy your swimming in their turquoise waters. Last but not least, are the picturesque Therma with the famous hot springs, which you can find only a little outside Agios Kirikos.


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