Agios Minas

The monastery of Agios Minas is perched on a hilltop near the village Neohori and is known worldwide for the tragic massacre in 1822. It was built in 1572-1595 by priest Neophytos and his son Menas, when Patriarch was Jeremiah B’.

In the beginning the monastery housed monks, but after 1932 it became a nunnery. The nuns, who live there today, are engaged in painting, weaving as well as arts.

The black pages of the monastery’s history were written in 1822, when the Turks massacred and burned a large number of civilians that had fled to the convent to find shelter. Even today you can see spots of blood that watered the marble floor of the temple. Bones of victims are kept in the Ossuary, which is located in the courtyard of the monastery.

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