Agios Nikolaos in Psara

The sacred temple was built in 1793 (the same date that was also born the great hero of the island Constantine Kanaris) in honor of Agios Nikolaos, patron saint of sailors. According to the tradition, the church is consisted of marble that was carried by the habitants from Chios, from the nearby Aegean islands as well as from Malta and Marseilles.

The height reaches 24 meters and in order to visit it you will have to climb 60 stairs. It is surrounded by 51 windows and 7 doors and it has featured marble slabs depicting two-headed eagles. During the destruction of the island in 1824 the relics and utensils that were kept in the temple were looted. The only extant is the holy gospel.


  • Adres: Psara
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Yorum Ekle

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