Archaelogical site of the Roman Baths

Only one kilometer away from the settlement of Pythagorion, you will find the archaeological site of the Roman Baths. This is a very impressive public project, constructed by the Romans during the 2nd century AD.

There, you will have the opportunity to admire well preserved buildings that used to be cold and hot baths, as well as changing rooms, swimming pools and sauna. According to findings discovered in the region, qw conclude that the walls and floor installations were richly decorated with marble and mosaics.

It should be noted that the baths used to be a part of the sports facilities of the ancient capital town of Samos. In the very same area, was also a high school, an arena and a stadium of 50x 200 meters, which was one of the largest in Greece.

  • Adres: Pythagorion
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