Archaeological Museum of Chios

On the south of the harbor you will find the Archaeological Museum of Chios, which was built in 1966 and has recently been renovated, in 1999. You will have the opportunity to view findings from the prehistoric cave of Agio Galas, the archeological site of Emporio, the Fana area and from all over the prefecture of Chios.

In the museum there are exhibits from the 4th millennium BC up to the early Christian years. So you can watch all the ancient historical development of the island.

It is worth it to visit and admire from close sculptures, prehistoric pottery of the 14th century, figurines, jewelry, signs, bronze objects as well as transport amphorae of wine. One of the most remarkable finds in the Museum is considered the letter of Alexander the Great to the people of Chios in 332 BC.


Τuesday - Sunday 10:00 - 13:00 (Monday closed in the winter)
Number: +30 22710 22087, 42589, fax: +30 22710 20745


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