Archaeological Site of Campos


The Archaeological Site of Campos is located on the hill on which was once built the ancient principle town of the island of Ikaria, the famous Oenoe. It is one of the most important archaeological sites of the island and you can find it in the homonymous settlement of Campos, about 45 kilometers northwest of Agios Kirikos.

Oenoe was founded in 750 BC by Miletians and kept being inhabited until the early Byzantine period. The settlement flourished especially because of the production and exportation of the famous Pramneios wine, from which the settlement was named after (wine in Greek is Oenos). Due to the fact that the inhabitants of Oenoe used to worship god Dionysus, the god of wine, the ancient city was also called as Dionysiada. During the Byzantine period, great development was appeared in the area, which was then renamed as Doliche.

In the archaeological site, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the remnants of the walls existed in the ancient settlement, the Byzantine church of Saint Irene (the metropolitan temple of Doliche), a Roman aqueduct and a Byzantine building called “Palatia” (Palaces). One of the most interesting buildings of the site is the Byzantine Odeon with the characteristics arches. In the region, you will also find the remnants of baths as well as water mains, which were used to supply the ancient town with water. Major findings of Oenoe are housed in the Archaeological Museum of Campos, which is located beside the ancient temple of Saint Irene.


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