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The city of Chios is situated on the east coast, opposite the coast of Asia Minor. It is the most important commercial as well as cultural center of the island and attracts the largest population of the municipality. It was founded in 1000 BC by Ionians and was badly damaged by the Turks in 1822 as well as from the strong earthquake of 1881. The residents are mainly engaged in fishing, agriculture and trading. Finally, it is known that the city of Chios is home to several large operators.

Today, visitors can enjoy a walk along the main street of Aplotaria with the large market and the colorful shops. What is more, by making a tour to the center, you can find the great Library of Korai with the Folklore Museum as well as the Art Gallery of Argenti, the majestic Cathedral and many mansions of the 19th century.

A coffee at Vounaki Square, beneath the tall trees is the best way to relax from the trip. In the same area it is also the green Garden City and the Byzantine Museum of Chios housed in Metzitie Mosque and it has interesting exhibits from all over the island. Moreover, other examples of Turkish sovereignty that have been preserved until today are the Ottoman fountains and Bairakli Mosque.

Do not leave town without visiting the Castle of Chios. The medieval fort was built during the 9th century and it is inhabited from the Byzantine times until today. Among the narrow alleys you will discover many interesting sights and attractions.

On the southern part of town there is the Archaeological Museum and the Maritime Museum of Chios. It is worth visiting and experiencing the ancient historical development of the island as well as its long maritime tradition of its inhabitants.

When it is getting dark, all roads lead to the quayside, the seaside pedestrian zone of the central port. This is the busiest area of town with many cafes, bars, taverns as well as restaurants. Here you can enjoy your drinks and local delicacies, overlooking the coast of Asia Minor.

Last but not least, just outside the city you can find the beautiful Windmills of Chios, standing next to each other at a small jetty. Furthermore, one kilometer away from the center, is the organized beach of Bella Vista, where you can swim.

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