Evagelismos Theotokou of Lefkada


This monastery is built on the southeastern coast of the island of Ikaria, near the village of Xylosyrtis, by a monk who came from the island of Chios named Niphon and the Bishop of Korinthos, Saint Makarios Notaras, in 1775.

Twenty cells, a dining room and two guest houses constitute the monastery. Saint Makarios‘s Notaras cell, has suffered significant damage through the century, but still stands on the east side of the monastery. Inside the enchanting temple, which is dedicated to Virgin Mary, there is an ornate wooden temple with scenes from the Holy Bible and icons of the 18th and 19th century.

Just outside the monastery, you will find the remnants of the confessionals, where women used to go since their entrance to the temple was not allowed until 1955.  Deserted watermills, an olive press as well as other facilities that the monastery’s monks used, are well preserved until nowadays. Once you are there, it is also worth visiting the chapel of Saint Makarios Notaras, and have a look at the elaborate mosaics in it and the old ossuary.

Finally, it should be noted that the monastery celebrates on the 25th  of March.

  • Adres: Xylosirti ikaria
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