The village of Fanaraki is nestled along the Gulf of Moudro, and has a small yet inviting beach.  The area surrounding the beach is quite scenic and breath-taking, with its sand dunes, rocks, scattered bushes and tree shrubs, all in tune with the small lakes and ponds along the shore.  Let the calming and peaceful atmosphere at Fanaraki give you the relaxing swim and beach outing you’ve been dreaming about…and if you’re into beach sports, then take advantage of the volleyball nets on site. 

Fanaraki Beach is the most popular and public-friendly in the Moudro area…and if you take a short walk in either direction, you’ll find other, smaller yet just as amazing sandy spots on the shore.  Fanaraki also comes with a beach bar, where you can enjoy your coffee, and a small taverna, which serves up the tastiest and freshest local dishes around!          




  • Adres: Fanaraki Limnos
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