Folklore Museum of Samos

The Folklore museum of Samos is located in the village of Pythagorion. It was found in 1997, under the auspices of the Cultural Foundation of Samos “Nicholas Demetriou”. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the lifestyle as well as the occupations of the Samians, years before the beginning of the Second World War. The exhibits are organized into modules and related to the remarkable work of the folklorist Nicholas Demetriou, who was born and worked on the island of Samos.

A tour in the museum will take you to an earlier era, when women used the loom and the spinning wheel to knit, and the men sailed in the field with the plow. It is worth a visit in order to see for yourself  inside a traditional Samian house with old utensils, wooden furniture and handmade textiles.

There, you will also have the opportunity to see some wonderful depictions of old professions, such as the one of shoemaker’s, barber’s, fisherman’s and beekeeper’s, and the tools they used at that time. Even, in specially equipped classrooms, the traditional way of producing bread and cheese is demonstrated.

The forecourt of the museum has been modified to resemble a small village. There, among the narrow cobbled streets, you will discover old stoves where women used to bake bread, wells and laundry rooms. Finally, in the yard of the museum, you will meet some of the traditional professions of that time, many of which have eliminated the last years (cooper, blacksmith, potter, and carpenter).

  • Adres: Pythagorion
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