Kardamyla located approximately 25 kilometers away from the city of Chios. It is an ancient settlement, known since the time of Thucydides, which is the birthplace of great historical (Georgios Zolotas, Osios Nikiforos [“Saint Nicephorus”]) as well as of heroes of the Greek Revolution.

In fact Kardamyla are separated in Ano (“Upper”) Kardamyla, which is the old town and in Marmaro (“Marble”) which is next to the sea. In Ano Kardamyla the visitor can observe the numerous stone buildings that stand among the narrow cobbled streets and the flower gardens. On the other hand, Marmaro gives an island touch to the landscape because it is close to the beach and it has tavernas and fishing boats. The beautiful mansions which are built in the village belong to large owners who were born in the region.

You can visit the beautiful churches of Pera Panagia, Agios Nikolaos Prinaritis which was built in the 13th century, Agios Loukas (“St. Luke”) and Agios Nikolaos (“St. Nicholas”) with the ornate temples, Panagias Ypapantis, and, finally, of Agios Georgios (“St. George”) with frescoes from the 16th century.

Several kilometers outside of the village are the imposing castles of Oria and Grias. It is worth following the beautiful trails in the wilderness and enjoying the view from above.

Last but not least, we suggest you to bathe in the picturesque seaside of Nagos as well as in the secluded and wooded beach of Vlichada.


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