What I will see and do around Kontias village:

•    Gallery of Contemporary Balkan Art
•    Wildlife Refuge, in the Diapori-Fakos region
•    Newly-renovated white-washed windmills
•    For swimming; Evgati, Diapori and the peaceful Kokkini beaches

Kontias village is the capital of the Neas Koutalis region is one of the most picturesque villages on the island, hidden in pine-covered hills and traditional stone dwellings and buildings that will take you to a bygone era.  To enter Kontias village, follow the pathways that lead to and past the newly-renovated white-washed windmills and then travel the cobblestone streets, creating a feeling of being in the mountain village of Olympus. 

The old Church of Ag. Dimitrios and Cathedral of Ag. Ioannis house historic and revered byzantine icons; appreciating the artwork and craftsmanship of these paintings is well worth your time.  Finally, the Gallery of Contemporary Balkan Art showcases pieces from world-renowned artists.   

Heading to the south of Kontias, to the Diapori-Fakos region, you’ll find yourself in an absolute paradise…a natural environment and landscape so diverse and beautiful, you won’t know what to look at first.  The area includes fishing grounds and fowl and wildlife refuge.  Go swimming at Evgati Beach, enjoying its 2 km-long shoreline.  If its peace and quiet you are looking for, then try Kokkini Beach with the backdrop of its red-hued cliffs.  

The small villages of Tsimandria and Portianou, found just east of Kontias, will open your eyes to the island’s folklore history and legends, which have lasted for centuries.   




  • Adres: Kontias Limnos
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