Korai Library Folk Museum and Argenti Art Gallery

The Historic Central Public Library "Korais" of Chios is one of the largest and most valuable libraries in Greece. Located in the city was founded in 1792 under the guidance of the great representative of Greek enlightenment Adamantios Korais.


It suffered irreparable damage from the Turks in 1822 as well as from the devastating earthquake of 1881. The current neo-classical building was built with the help of Eforeias Orthodoxon Sxoleion of Chios in 1885.

The library contains thousands of books and book collections, rare books and historical manuscripts, newspapers of the 19th century, maps, photos and important relics. What is more, there are many books of the philologist Adamantios Korais and other notable Greek writers.


The same building houses the Folklore Museum and the Argenti Art Gallery. There are many kinds of folk art and a large collection of paintings of the Argenti family as well as of the Skylitsi family.



Number: +30 2271044246

Fax: +30 2271044246


  • Adres: Karies Chios
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