(1 Oyla)
• Impressive and significant ancient city• Was first discovered during the 19th century• You can see the Greco-Roman amphitheater and the Sanctuary of Megalis Theas (Great Goddess)• Natural disaster completely devastates harbor during 13th century A.D.Hephaestia was the largest city…


(1 Oyla)
• The oldest urban center in Europe• Most important prehistoric city on Limnos• The oldest parliamentary body in the world• Strategic, geographic location, adjacent to the coast of Asia MinorPoliochni was established in the 4th millennium B.C., sits on the…


(2 oy)
• In honor of Kaviria, the children of legendary Hephaestus• The mysterious initiation rites and rituals of Kaviria• The oldest Telestirio Hall in all of Greece The discovery of Kaviria came during archeological excavations from 1937-1939, and is one of…
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