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What I will see and do around Kaspakas village: • Village is built on a slope/hillside• Church and beach of Ag. Yanni• Katsaitis waterfalls• Old watermill• Fine almonds and figs Six km outside of Myrina is the village Kaspakas, founded…


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What I will see and do around Kotsinas village: • Church Zoodochou Pigis (Lifegiving Spring)• Statue of the Legendary Maroulas• Hot springs and thermal baths of the Limnian earth• Seaside taverns Along the northern coast of the island you’ll find…


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What I will see and do around Kontias village: • Gallery of Contemporary Balkan Art• Wildlife Refuge, in the Diapori-Fakos region• Newly-renovated white-washed windmills• For swimming; Evgati, Diapori and the peaceful Kokkini beaches Kontias village is the capital of the…

Nea Koutali

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What I will see and do around Nea Koutali village: • Refugee village• Maritime and Sponge Museum• Spectacular view of the Gulf of Moudro Established in 1926, Nea koutali village was founded by refugees from the Marmara Peninsula region, during…


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What I will see and do around Moudros village: • The largest naturally-protected harbor in all the Mediterranean• Played a significant role in the island’s and region’s history• Sanctuaries & Churches: Evangelismo of Theotoko and Pammegiston Taxiarchon• Cemetery of the…


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What I will see and do around Kaminia village: • Small, traditional village• Holy Temple Kimisis of Theotokou (Dormition of the Virgin Mary)• Castles • Ancient settlement Poliochni, just outside town Kaminia is a tiny village southwest of Moudros, with…


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What I will see and do around Romanou village: • Traditional, white-washed windmills• Homes of stone masonry• Holy Temple Gennisios of Christou Romanou village is home to a mere 500 people and is named after Romanos the Melodist. The Egyptian-style…


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What I will see and do around Atsiki village: • Temple of Ag. Giorgos• Idyllic sand dunes• Faraklou geological monument• Gomati Beach with a backdrop of desert-like sand dunes Atsiki is the third largest village on the island (after Myrina…


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What I will see and do around Varos village: • Sparsely inhabited, with only a smattering of year-round residents• Beautiful stone-crafted houses Varos is a picturesque village of few households and fine, quaint stone houses. You owe it to yourself…
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