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What I will see and do around Kontopouli village: • Churches Ag. Dimitriou and Ag. Anastasia• Dimitriades School• Hephaestia and Kavirio (on the outskirts of Kontopouli)• The mythical Cave of Philochtedes• 3 major protected wetland areas• Beaches: Neftina, Zematas and…


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What I will see and do around Plati village: • Among the oldest settlements on the island• For swimming and a day at the beach; Plati, Thanos, Evgati and the peaceful scene at Stivi• Chapel Panagias Kakaviotissas at Thanos Plati…


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What I will see and do around city of Myrina : • Capital city of Limnos and primary harbor and port• Archeological site at Richa Nera• The medieval castle• Platonia deer, a species unique to the island• Tourkikos Gialos (Turkish…
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