Rooster with Flomaria in Red Sauce

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Rooster with “Flomaria” in Red SauceThis delicacy is among the most traditional and popular on the island.Ingredients1 plucked, well-cleaned rooster, cut into parts4 cups of “Flomaria” noodles4-5 tomatoes2 bay leaves2 finely chopped onions½ teaspoon sugar, pinch of oregano, salt, pepperDirections: …

Venizelika Sweets

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Venizelika SweetsThis is a tasty, customary sweet particular to Limnos and ideal for weddings given its soft, light color.Ingredients (for 60 servings)½ kilogram almonds, with shell/peel, lightly roasted and ground350 grams dark chocolate shredded/grated1 cup Cointreau, orange liqueur or Grand…
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