Limnos (also known as Lemnos) is located in the Northern Aegean Sea between Samothrace, Imvros, Lesvos and Agio Oros.  It is the eighth largest island in Greece, covering 476 square km and has over 18,000 inhabitants, according to 2001 statistics.  It is governed along with the islands Agio Efstratio and Lesvos.

The capital city is Myrina, which has the island’s largest port and harbor, and is home to over 5,000 residents.  The island’s name is dedicated to its first king’s (Thoanta) wife, while until only recently (1995) it was known as Castro, because of the imposing castle that still stands in the heart of the city.  

Limnos, named by Homer “Anemoessa”, was a gift by the great Hephaestus, and became known as the island of “fire and copper”….and adopted other names through the centuries.  However, the leading theory for its name origin is the homonym in the ancient Phoenician language, meaning “white” and describes the image anyone would see as they approached the island.  Limnos is also the birthplace for the pentathlon track and field competition.

For many, Limnos is still a mystery, with many of her gems still hidden in the depths of her valleys, seashores and mountains.  Her natural beauty includes spectacular geological formations (ancient volcanic eruptions) and a raw, rocky landscape…Limnos’ wild beauty is worth exploring.  Although it has little vegetation and greenery, you will find fertile plains in the valleys…enough fertile soil that farming and agriculture is among the top occupations, which includes livestock and fishing.  Other livelihoods on the island are in the areas of maritime and trade industry and tourism.

Take a dive into the pristine, crystal-clear waters of Limnos and discover the beautiful and fascinating beaches that await you, including their volcanic, rocky islets.  There are innumerable beaches that are easily accessible and to satisfy even the most finicky tourist; the variety includes the touristy, popular cosmopolitan beaches to the more secluded, family-friendly ones.          

Limnos can be a place that time forgot…where people, traditions and ways of life have meshed for centuries if not longer.  It has a rich and mythological history that gives it its distinct cultural identity.  The geological formations, rocky islets, stunning sand dunes, protected wetlands and wildlife habitats, beaches and scenic bays make this island the ideal place for a relaxing, great outdoors-themed vacation.  The range of amenities, services and accommodations will make your stay a comfortable and enjoyable one.    

Limnos will surprisingly please you with her endless beauty, diversity and sensuality that can be felt and experienced during all four seasons of the year.  Stroll through the narrow, cobblestone streets of Myrina and the traditional villages dotting the island.  The raw, natural beauty of the landscape and the warm, friendly demeanor of the locals will make you want to stay longer, and come back again and again.  





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