Mavra Volia




By far the most impressive beach on the island, due to its unique volcanic-created beauty, is Mavra Volia.  On the island’s southside, near the village of Pyrgi and the harbor of Emporio, you’ll find the scenic and eye-catching beach….with its large, black pebble stones, which are remains from a pre-historic, massive volcanic eruption. The black pebbles add a certain tinted transparency to the cool, refreshing waters, thus creating one magnificent landscape. 

The beach’s one-of-a-kind status has made it the most cosmopolitan spot on Chios, as its dazzling beauty attracts all who visit the island.  Directly adjacent to Mavra Volia are two, smaller, more isolated beaches. The three spots altogether are within a picturesque cove, with the third and farthest away being a nudist beach.  The area is also home to a tourist resort, complete with restaurants, cafes and hotels offering any sightseer an ideal stay!      




  • Adres: Mavra volia, Chios
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