Moni Moundon

Moundon Monastery is the second most important monastery of the island after Nea Moni. It is located near the villages Diefha and Volissos of the municipality of Amanis and is dedicated to St. John the Baptist. This is a large monastic complex that was built during the Byzantine period.

It was renovated in 1574 by the monk Iakovos Lagadiotis and it flourished over the last years of Ottoman rule. Many names of the aristocracy of the island became monks at the Moundon Monastery and dealt with hagiography. The monastery was destroyed in 1822 by the Turks and the earthquake of 1881. Later it was restored and it has been maintained in good condition until today.

The monastery is consisted of small chapels, cells and dining room where the monks used to dine. Inside you will have the opportunity to admire the impressive murals that were created in 1620, 1730 and 1849. What is more, a remarkable library is maintained, which stored according to studies, the will of Agia Matrona (“Holy Matron”) of Chios since 1462 AD.

  • Adres: Moni Moundon Chios
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