COM_JREVIEWS_BREADCRUMBS_HERE Mousiko Kafenio Art Café Bar and Multi - Purpose Venue in Lesvos

Mousiko Kafenio Art Café Bar and Multi - Purpose Venue in Lesvos
Yazar: Ziyaretçi     Nisan 10, 2013    
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 The history of the “Mousiko Kafenio” starts 100 years ago known as cafe “Dama”, a bar which was hosting musicians from Asia Minor and local artists.

The company passed onto Benaki’s family on 1987, and since then was created a multi-purpose venue for exhibitions, theatrical performances and various musical activities.

Integral part of Mousiko Kafenio’s history is the establishment of the association 'Kafelogii Maselades', with founding members many important personalities from Lesvos island such as Makis Axiotis, Stratis Mouflouzelli, Panagiotis Alexellis, Argyris Pantelis and many others.

The aim of this association was, and still remains, the promotion of literature and the arts.

Continuing objective of the Mousiko Kafenio is the entertainment, the effective communication between friends and the evolution of the human species.

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