Nas beach


Among the prettiest shorelines of Ikaria is the ever-popular Nas Beach.  In what can seem like a magical landscape, Nas is located near the village of Armenistis, the point where the river Halaris empties into the sea. This sand and pebble beach is surrounded by lush, green plant life, waterfalls and springs that give it an unusal backdrop and picturesque aura…..altogether nicely complementing the ancient temple (ruins) of the Goddess Artemis, which you’ll see at the far end of the beach.

To take a dip here though, you must first go down a few steps…at the base of which, this magical scene will unfold before your very eyes!  The beach also leads you to the Tour of Ridges; walk down a trail that by far is the most scenic on Ikaria

There is also a spot down here for nude bathing.  After getting some “R & R” at Nas Beach, get a taste of some of the local favors, while taking in the spectacular view of Halari Gorge, at one of the many tavernas that literally overhang the cliffs towering above the gorge below.  Don’t forget to experience the amazing sunset here as well, a sight you won’t soon forget.  Finally, at Nas Beach lodging, facilities and other tourist amenities are available to make your stay comfortable and convenient.                    




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